CIH wants more done to tackle fuel poverty

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has called for more to be done to tackle the problem of fuel poverty in the UK.

With millions of people struggling to become debt free, the latest figures suggest that more than two million British households spend close to ten per cent of their annual budget on basic energy costs and the CIH wants to see the problem made a higher priority.

The government has stated its commitment to eradicating fuel poverty but the institute has claimed that its recent Budget announcement does not go far enough to tackle the issue effectively.

Energy efficiency needs to be improved among lower-income households and vulnerable families should receive more assistance from the government and from their energy suppliers in this respect, the CIH has insisted.

“Recent energy price increases coupled with poor energy efficiency in some older housing stock, means that too many households find it difficult to heat their homes,” said the organisation’s chief executive Sarah Webb.

Meanwhile, Citizens Advice recently urged pensioners around the country to make sure that they claim any state benefits they might be entitled to in order to avoid adding to their debt management problems.


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