Citizens Advice to tackle financial exclusion

Through funding from Barclays, there should be an increase in face-to-face advisors and affordable financial services for low-income consumers.

“[This] is an exciting opportunity to reach people in real need who would not normally seek mainstream debt advice,” said Citizens Advice director of policy Teresa Perchard.

“They will be able to combine the benefits of free, impartial and expert money advice with the budgeting, bill payment and other services offered through credit unions to get their debt under control.”

Moves to improve access to debt advice comes as the amount that Britons owe reaches £1.1 trillion.

John Varley, chief executive of Barclays, welcomed the role of the Association of British Credit Unions in reaching out to the financially excluded by helping them open bank accounts.

He added that he hopes that this movement will “gain momentum” and help more people gain better debt management.


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