Citizens Advice to take on bailiffs

The bureau claims that many suffering from debt are penalised further by private bailiffs who intimidate and harass them whilst charging excessive fees.

“Reports from clients of intimidation, unreasonable demands and excessive charges by bailiffs are commonplace,” said David Harker, chief executive of Citizens Advice. “This sort of behaviour along with excessive fee-charging by bailiffs is driving already vulnerable people deeper into poverty and debt.”

Launch of the ‘Putting bailiffs on the spot’ campaign comes ahead of a BBC1 Whistleblower investigation into bailiffs, which unearthed much of the claims.

Although the government has introduced the Draft Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, Mr Harker said that it should have included controls of bailiffs.

Baliffs are sent to collect debts on behalf of councils and other organisations, but debt advice or a debt management plan can forestall their arrival.


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