City breaks “not as attractive” during credit crunch

British people are avoiding running up credit card debt by cutting down on holidays, a travel website has said.

While main holidays are still popular, shorter city breaks are losing their appeal during a time of increased instances of bankruptcy and debt, according to comments from

Spokesperson Bob Atkinson said flight prices have gone up due to climbing fuel costs, resulting in a decline in short city holidays.

Mr Atkinson said people are still keen to take one main holiday a year, however, as a means of escaping financial stress.

“[People] work hard and they want to get away and relax. With the credit crunch and all the news about prices going up et cetera, there’s also an element of wanting to get away from that,” he said.

He added people may cut down on things they consider “luxuries” if it means saving money for a holiday.

According to research from, 98 per cent of people polled said they would be prepared to cut out luxuries to pay for travelling.

By Morwenna Kearns


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