Consumer anger over ‘hidden’ online charges

The practice is referred to as ‘purposely hiding what I’m looking for’ (Philfing) and is the most irksome online tactic employed by website owners, according to 64 per cent of respondents to a survey commission by

And with debt management becoming increasingly difficult for many consumers across the country, the poll found that “hidden surcharges” levied against customers paying by credit card has become an issue for many British internet shoppers.

Brian Trevaskiss, operations manager at, said: “Shopping online is without doubt quick and convenient.

“However this growing trend of Philfing is so annoying for consumers that they abandon their baskets at Philfers sites and shop elsewhere.”

Earlier this week, research carried out by YouGov for the Retail Trust charity revealed that millions of British consumers risk debt management problems by spending money to relive feelings of stress.


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