Consumers urged to demand ‘more from their plastic’

With many thousands of Brits facing credit card debt problems, there should be more card holder perks available than is currently the case, the personal finance expert asserted.

And Ms Hogg’s claims were backed up by statistics from Goldfish’s own research which demonstrates that more than half (52 per cent) of credit cards offer “no benefits at all”.

“If customers hold a card that doesn’t reward their spending then they should investigate what other cards might be better suited to their spending patterns,” commented MS Hogg.

“We have found that an increasing number of our customers are using their credit cards for everyday purchases such as groceries and petrol, realising that they can reap rewards for all the regular purchases they make anyway,” she added.

A spokesperson from the Finance and Leasing Association suggested recently that for many Brits debt management issues, including those associated with credit cards, are becoming a “way of life”.


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