Consumers urged to ‘protect their pin’

The UK’s payment association Apacs has launched a new guide aimed at encouraging British consumers to protect their personal identification number (pin).

Apacs suggests that letting a criminal know your pin code could mean losing money and for those struggling financially this could lead to debt management difficulties.

The association reports that the advent of chip and pin has helped cut identity theft in the UK, but British consumers remain vulnerable to fraudsters who seek out financial details with the intention of using them in other countries.

“Simple measures such as shielding your pin with your free hand whenever you enter it into a keypad will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud,” said Sandra Quinn, Apacs’ director of communications.

“Plastic cards remain a safe, secure and convenient way to pay; all that is required to minimise the chances of falling victim to card fraud is a little bit of common sense.”

While millions of British borrowers search for a debt solution, figures from Apacs show that around £126 million was spent on credit cards in the UK over the course of last year.


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