Council tax rated as Britain’s ‘most hated’

Council tax is Britain’s most hated form of mandatory payment, according to a recent study.

A poll carried out by MSN Money found that in 79 per cent of cases council tax was the most disliked form of taxation when rated against levies such as inheritance or income tax.

Millions of people are struggling to become debt free in the UK, but it was not the scale of council tax, but rather its perceived unfairness that made it the country’s most hated.

“People are angry that their [council tax] bills have increased far above the rate of inflation with often little improvement in public services,” said Alastair Bruce, editor of MSN Money.

“[Consumers] also feel they have little say about the increases and how the money is spent,” he added.

The Citizens Advice charity recently called for a generic financial advice service to be established around the UK in order to help people who face debt management and money-related difficulties.


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