CPAG calls for more help for ethnic minority parents

More needs to be done to help children from ethnic minorities who are living in poverty, one organisation has claimed.

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) responded to a report published by a parliamentary committee today by saying that “a much more concerted effort” is required if the government is to improve skills among workers and help them get debt free.

It also claimed that employer discrimination needs to be addressed if the government is to hit its target of ending child poverty by 2020.

Kate Green, chief executive of CPAG, said: “The risk of poverty for children in ethnic minority families is much higher than average and twice as high for some ethnic groups. Lack of access to employment and low pay are key reasons.”

The CPAG recently branded it “shameful” that 3.9 million children in the UK live beneath the poverty line.

By Neil Condron


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