Credit card debt consolidation ‘could help consumers’

Consumers looking for a debt consolidation solution could find such loans a short-term answer to their problems since they offer lower repayments and save people from bankruptcy, claims Credit Cards GB.

In addition, the firm notes that credit card consolidation products can help people experiencing very severe debt management problems to get a handle on their financial obligations.

The company states: “It can help you to regain your financial freedom and prevent those debts from mounting up even more than they already are.”

Although credit card loans tend to have a higher interest rate in comparison to standard debt consolidation loans, the financial advice site adds that the products assist debtors in getting their “life back” through having decreased monthly payments.

Meanwhile, the Motley Fool recently advised young people who find themselves in credit card debt to start compiling an emergency fund to help finance unexpected events and outgoings by reducing their reliance on payment with plastic.


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