Credit card debt ‘makes for memorable wedding’

Couples who pay for their wedding by means of loans and credit cards should think carefully about adding to their debt, according to one expert.

Donna Werbner of said people who take on a lot of credit card debt to fund their big day will find that their wedding could be “memorable for all the wrong reasons”.

She said couples who do this will find they pay off this credit card debt for the rest of their lives.

Ms Werbner’s comments come after the financial website discovered one in ten people plan to pay for their credit card entirely via a credit card or personal loan.

Some three per cent plan to take out a remortgage or second loan to fund their wedding.

“There’s no doubt weddings are becoming more expensive, but people seem to lose all sense of proportion when it comes to budgeting,” warned

Wedding Guide UK claims the average wedding costs around £11,000, but adds that it is “quite possible” to spend anything between a few hundred pounds and more than £20,000.


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