Credit card users issued travel advice

Credit card users from the UK have been advised to ensure that they have a good idea of who they are dealing with when paying with plastic in a foreign country.

If a UK consumer buys a product abroad with their credit card they are protected by law to the tune of £30,000, but if the retailer involved cannot be contacted this process becomes more difficult, Mark Bowerman from Apacs has explained.

With this in mind, Mr Bowerman has encouraged people using credit card debt to fund their holiday spending to make sure that hey are dealing with a retailer they can trust.

He went on to suggest that: “If the transaction is between £100 and £30,000 then it is beneficial to use a credit card because you have that extra protection that you do not have with a debit card.”

According to Apacs, which is the UK’s payment association, there was a total of around £11.3 billion worth of credit card debt accumulated around the country during December of last year.


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