Credit card warning for holidaymakers

Holidaymakers have been warned to familiarise themselves with any fees they might be charged for using their credit cards while outside the UK.

The Nationwide Building Society has suggested that foreign currency loading fees will catch many people out and leave them with an increased level of credit card debt when they return to Britain.

Thousands of people are expected to head for warmer climes over Easter and the building society claims that during the same period last year UK credit card users were charged millions of pounds in loading fees.

In fact, the organisation maintains that holidaymakers effectively add almost £650 million to their credit card debt bill on an annual basis by failing to avoid these particular charges.

Jeremy Wood, divisional director at Nationwide, said: “Returning from your Easter break to find charges for using your card abroad is enough to drive anyone hopping mad.”

“People who are planning to go abroad this Easter should be aware of the hidden charges that most card providers impose,” he added.

A report from recently claimed that more and more UK consumers are seeing their personal finance situation deteriorate.


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