Credit cards are “major reason” for bankruptcy

Northern Ireland Assembly member John Dallat blamed the “grossly inflated fines” of late payment for pushing people into debt which could result in bankruptcy.

“Credit card debts are now the major reason why a record number of people are facing bankruptcy with debts reaching a record high,” said Mr Dallat.

“These debts have been grossly inflated by ‘fines’ for late payments, exceeding limits and other penalties which push the most vulnerable over the top.”

Only yesterday the head of the National Unions of Students in Scotland told that Scotsman that he blamed credit cards for the reason why many graduates are in debt.

Mr Dallat adds his criticism of credit cards, saying that schools should educate pupils to the dangers of debt and credit.

While he praised Citizens Advice for giving help to those affected by debt, he urged more people to seek advice for money management problems.


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