Credit consumers get wedding day warning

British credit consumers have been warned that the costs associated with wedding ceremonies are continuing to increase around the country.

F&C Asset Management suggests that many couples in the UK are keen to make their wedding day one to remember and are willing to face significant debt management problems to make it happen.

Making its case, the financial services firm claims that the typical wedding in the UK now costs close to £11,000 and many people spend far more than this when they tie the knot.

Jason Hollands, director of communications at F&C, said: “Tradition has it that the parents of the bride pay for their daughter’s wedding but in the modern world, the high cost of a wedding has meant that more often than not the bride and groom will shoulder most of the expenses, often on credit.

“The financial burden means that many couples, some of whom are already struggling with mortgage repayments, can feel under a lot of stress.”

Britain’s overall debt management mountain increases by almost £1 million every four minutes, according to figures from Credit Action.


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