CSA errors leaving parents in debt

Ulster Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon called the scale of the figures “shocking”, a sizeable amount of money that could lead many people to consider bankruptcy.

“On the face of it this debt and these figures are shocking,” said Lady Hermon on UTV

“Remember, each pound unpaid of this £58.6 million puts financial pressure on parents, who are often single and in turn deprives a child of adequate financial support. This CSA scandal must end.”

In July this year problems with collecting money got so bad that the government decided to axe the department and replace it with a “smaller, more focused” body.

Lady Hermon said that both mothers and fathers were being driven into debt by the CSA, either through inflexible demands or by allowing men to abscond.

While the government said that the monies owed would still be chased up, parents may wish to take out a debt management plan if they are being affected by a lack of money.


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