Debt concerns leading to “recession depression”

Worries about debt management and unemployment are having a significant influence on people’s health in the wake of the economic downturn, it has been noted.

The Priory Group has warned that its experts have seen a rise in the number of people requiring help with “recession depression”.

Medical director and consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hayes Grove Dr Jeremy Broadhead said that the crisis in the economy has led to issues such as stress and depression becoming a “growing concern”.

“Money worries don’t just keep people awake at night … depression can be a disabling and potentially serious condition,” he remarked.

Dr Broadhead added that such conditions must be identified early so that the sufferer can be helped to “regain the positivity in their lives”.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service has noted that some people are struggling with mortgages that they “seriously cannot afford” to pay back.

By Jamie Price


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