Debt dangers of internet gambling exposed

Daniel Richardson, 22, ran up £30,000 of debt in 30 minutes on his father’s credit card while his parents were away on a long weekend.

Blackburn magistrates heard that his father, Stephen Richardson, returned to find an email pointing to a letter of apology and a breakdown of the debt. He criticised websites for allowing up to £5,000 to be bet at a time without detailed checks on who the person was.

Son Daniel handed himself into local police before his father returned last October, but Stephen Richardson decided to prosecute in order to “bring him to his senses”.

Debt grew as Daniel became cocky after early wins, betting large amounts on everything from football matches to tosses of a coin.

Magistrates gave out a supervision order and 200 hours of community work and Daniel called on other young people to be aware of the debt danger they incur on online gambling.

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