Debt driving students away from drink

Rather than going on protest marches or lounging in the union or common room, 86 per cent of students in the LloydsTSB survey said that they would rather clear debt and get a good degree.

Marcus Banks from Lloyds TSB student banking said: “Students of the noughties don’t really bear much resemblance to students of the seventies either in terms of attitude or lifestyle.

“Increasing financial pressure means that students are much more serious about their university career and don’t want to waste their investment.”

Parents agreed, with 60 per cent in the poll saying that mounting debt and other pressures meant that student life was not as fun as it was in the 1970s.

However, despite the tightening financial pressures due to increased tuition fees, the survey highlighted potential poor debt management amongst students.

Two thirds said that they would never consider buying second-hand clothes but three quarters claim that gadgets such as iPods were essential.


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