Debt fears leading to energy rationing?

The fear of falling into debt may be contributing to the fact that people have been turning down their heating during the colder weather, with research showing a five per cent year-on-year drop in gas consumption.

This is according to figures from Scottish and Southern Energy and director of consumer policy at Ann Robinson noted that such statistics are “clear evidence” that soaring costs are “starting to take [their] toll”.

“Self-rationing in this way is the biggest warning sign yet about the affordability of energy,” she continued, urging suppliers to consider a price cut.

However, Ms Robinson also stated that the public could take action as well, saving on average £300 by switching to an online plan.

Her comments come after recently predicted that many consumers will receive record bills soon, as invoices have climbed 20 per cent year on year.

Since 2003, annual amounts have risen by 127 per cent, it was noted.

By Sarah Adie


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