Debt and gambling drives man to crime

Anthony Brookes, 40, of no fixed address, has been jailed for over six years after admitting stealing £250,000 using stolen credit cards and wallets.

“He has a long-standing gambling problem and was in a substantial amount of debt,” said his defence lawyer, Gary Bell, according to the Oxford Mail.

His case highlights the extent that some people will go to once in debt, though he did not take the sensible route of turning to advice.

Instead, he took wallets at hotels and conferences and using diaries obtained extra credit on cards, which he then spent.

Such was the extent of his crime-spree that 34 out of the UK’s 43 police forces were after him and he was eventually caught last December.

Mr Brookes’ case shows the dangers of running up excess debt and the need for people to tackle it sensibly and to take advice before it becomes a problem.


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