Debt guide launched to mark ‘stress awareness day’

A new guide designed to help credit consumers become debt free has been launched to coincide with the National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) in the UK.

The Fair Investment company is convinced that coping with debt management problems is one of the single biggest reasons for stress in Britain and the organisation is hoping that its new publication, dubbed the ‘Guide to getting debt free’, will help ease money-related tensions.

Highlighting the extent of the UK’s debt management burden, Fair Investment cites YouGov figures that show more than eight million Britons are in debt and around two million are unaware of the extent of their arrears.

“Debt is a real issue for many people in this country, causing stress, anxiety and even depression,” said James Caldwell, director of, on launching the guide.

“And although there are no secret formulas for wiping out debt, there are practical ways by which you can cut your expenses,” he added.

NSAD is organised by the International Stress Management Association, which is a registered UK charity and aims to promote awareness of the problems stress can cause for people around the country.


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