Debt management campaign launched by Cab

A debt management initiative started by an advice charity is attempting to discourage young people from avoiding their financial problems.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (Cab) partnered with youth agency Bold Creative to produce animated documentary-style online short films of two true-life debt stories.

Scooby and Adila from Stoke-on-Trent got into economic difficulties due to a combination of student loans, overdraft payments and store cards.

In an effort to persuade more people to seek help for their debt problems, the duo’s stories are told through illustration in a “humorous but serious” manner.

Speaking of her experiences, Adila, 22, said: “I felt trapped and alone and didn’t know where to turn to get help. I didn’t want anyone to find out but I really wanted to sort my life out.”

Figures released by Cab and charity YouthNet revealed that 25 per cent of those in the 16 to 24 age range have experienced mental health complaints due to money concerns.

This follows recent news from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service that people who frequently use overdrafts are more likely to be in debt.

By Francis Finch


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