Debt tops list of public’s problems

The majority of people approaching Citizens Advice bureaux (CAB) in and around Nottingham were in search of help with their debt management problems, it has been revealed.

Millions of people across the country are struggling to become debt free and around 56 per cent of all the requests for help at the Nottingham CAB have been debt-related in recent months.

A year ago debt advice was being sought by around 42 per cent of the CAB’s clients and the bureaux is now aiming to raise awareness of financial responsibility in the local area, the Nottingham Evening Post reports.

Trish Eaton, manager of Nottingham and District CAB, told the paper: “We’ve seen a significant increase in these types of cases since last year and have launched a campaign focusing on debt because we believe that we can play a key role.”

“We will collect evidence of our clients’ problems and use the results to campaign,” she added.

Citizens Advice operates as a nationwide charity and the organisation recently called on business and regulators to take the steps necessary to “stop soaring debt” in the UK.


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