Debt tops list of young Brits’ fears

Debt is the number one fear among young British consumers, according to a recent poll.

Research carried out by Ipsos Mori canvassed the opinion of around 1,200 people aged between 16 and 24 and some 48 per cent rated debt management as their primary concern.

The study was carried out on behalf of Tesco and the voluntary charity CSV and found that debts were a bigger issue for young Britons than global warming, obesity and drug use.

CSV has been keen to highlight to teenagers and young people around the country that they can avoid seeing their fears become reality by being proactive proactive.

“Young people have genuine fears for the future but they are not powerless to overcome them,” said Sue Farrington, from the Agents4Change campaign.

Research by Alliance & Leicester recently found that getting onto onto the housing ladder is among the leading personal finance priorities for Britons aged between 18 and 29.


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