Debt worries heightened by cold weather?

Britons have been warned to take extra precautions during the colder months to prevent their pipes from bursting, as new research has revealed that the majority of people are not worried about this happening.

According to Axa, the average claim for water damage as a result of burst pipes comes to £15,000 but just eight per cent are concerned that this may affect them over Christmas, suggesting that any existing debt problems may be exacerbated should this occur.

Head of home insurance at the company Nick Kidd said: “Not only does burst pipe damage have financial implications, especially if insurance is not in place, but it can also cause huge emotional trauma from ruined personal belongings.”

Jacqueline Cohen, marketing manager at ClearDebt, also commented on this issue.

“We’ve recently seen quite a few stories in the press about people choosing to layer up rather than turning the heating on at home during the cold weather,” she said, adding that although this can save on bills, “it’s not really the right way to go”.

“When did it become okay for people in Britain to sit shivering in their own homes at Christmas time?” she asked, noting that “the key messages to people who are worried has to be to budget sensibly but to also be rational about what is essential in your home and to your family”.

By Sarah Adie


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