Debtors ‘at increased risk’ due to postal strikes

The continuing postal strikes up and down the UK could have a detrimental effect on those already struggling with debt management, it has been suggested.

According to This Is Money, thousands of families and businesses are increasingly at risk as credit card and bank statements fail to reach their destinations, leaving consumers liable to receive charges and potential black marks on their credit ratings.

Personal finance campaigner from Which? Doug Taylor told the publication that improved attitudes from lenders “at a time when the financial services industry’s reputation is in the gutter” would go some way in restoring confidence and trust in the sector.

Banks have said that charges on various accounts are automatically generated and the Royal Mail strikes are making it impossible to tackle this.

Dave Ward, deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, stated earlier this month that the postal service has become a “dismal place to work”, after it emerged strikes had led to a backlog of more than 20 million letters registered in London.

By Sarah Adie


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