Debtors offered money-saving tips

Those in debt and others wishing to watch their finances have been advised to consider ways in which to save money on Christmas phone calls to loved ones, as research has revealed that 25 per cent of people will be ringing family overseas.

Product director of Michael Phillips noted that it is concerning how many Britons are prepared to spend money by using their landlines to make international calls.

“I would urge anyone with relatives and friends living abroad to seriously consider international calling plans, add-ons or VoIP,” he said.

Figures from the website indicated that, of the quarter planning to call loved ones living in other countries, just 17 per cent will be using VoIP, which would cost less.

“VoIP really offers amazing savings to more exotic destinations such as India,” Mr Phillips continued.

Taking any measures to save cash during the festive season may help prevent debt management issues later on.

Matt Spencer of financial blog recently observed that many households could be faced with difficult bills in the new year and the number of personal insolvencies might be driven up by excessive spending over this period.

By Sarah Adie


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