Debtors ‘should consider’ in-tertaining

In-tertaining, or consuming paid-for entertainment activities within the home, may be of benefit to debtors trying to save, as new research has revealed that such pursuits can significantly reduce expenditure.

According to the study by Abbey, £3.9 billion – or £89 per capita – is saved each month through in-tertaining, with 57 per cent of paid-for amusements taking place inside houses.

The survey also found that those concerned with spending too much are content to replace high street distractions such as the cinema, pubs and restaurants with renting DVDs, dinner parties and takeaways.

Director of savings and investments at Abbey Reza Attar-Zadeh noted that the recession has caused people to become more money-minded.

“Millions of us have worked out that in-tertaining is a great way to cut back without missing out,” he said.

However, it recently emerged that some are being less careful with their money – particularly during the holiday season – with 77 per cent of Britons with young children admitting to spending more than is affordable at such times.

By Sarah Adie


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