Debtors should not be afraid to seek help

With Britons’ total personal debt rising to £1.2 trillion, the Debt Counsellors urged people to take professional advice before it becomes too late.

Commenting on Britain’s debt levels, John Porter of the counselling firm, said: “These latest figures show the problem of personal debt is getting much worse and there are millions of people in the UK who need professional debt help to tackle their financial difficulties.”

His urgings come amid a background of a stable economy yet average household debt is nearly £50,000, meaning that a change in the economy could plunge many homes into serious financial difficulties.

Mr Potter said that with average debt growing by £200 in just one month, there were “many people” who would benefit from debt advice.

With free advice available, Mr Potter urged consumers to take debt advice “immediately” to give themselves peace of mind and to “safeguard their financial future”.


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