Debtors urged to save by Citizens Advice

Britons have been urged to consider saving for next Christmas now, particularly if they have found it difficult financially this festive season.

Citizens Advice has partnered with the Office of Fair Trading and will – as part of its Save Xmas campaign that has, since 2007, seen over 40,000 people attend – be running financial seminars in the new year to help people avoid Christmas debt.

In addition, the organisations have set forth a series of top tips, including planning early, working out how much is required for next year and budgeting effectively.

Head of financial capability at Citizens Advice John Rhodes said: “Christmas will have given many people a debt hangover that they might have been able to avoid.”

He went on to note that by following the steps laid out, “expensive credit [and] problem debt” could be reduced.

And such schemes may help the 32 per cent of UK adults who intend to make solving debt issues one of their new year’s resolutions.

Go Compare recently found that this proportion of people in the country intend to take such a decision.

By Sarah Adie


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