Don’t be a Del Boy to get the girls

Yorkshire Building Society claims that in its survey, 60 per cent of women prefer to date men with no debt, while only two per cent would look for a long-term partner who is constantly spending and has the latest gadgets.

“It seems money really can buy you love, as today’s singles search for a saving-smart superhero to settle down with. We’re more likely to be swept off our feet with a thoughtful gift than a flashy gesture,” commented Tanya Jackson, media relations manager at the building society.

It appears that lonesome men could also benefit from advice on becoming debt free, as being in the red was also listed as a turn-off.

However, good news for those struggling with finances as 60 per cent of women were said to be more impressed by well thought out but low-cost gifts than expensive grand gestures.

Ms Jackson added that those with a big saving package were likely to have the most success: “Modern romance appears to be more practical with a savings habit seen as an indication of your success in life – making those who watch the pennies the ones more likely to find long lasting love.”


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