‘Don’t forget bills during postal strike’

Consumers are being urged to remember their household bills in the coming days, with postal strikes being conducted across the UK.

Industrial action in the shape of a series of 48-hour strikes – the first of which commenced yesterday afternoon – is likely to result in the late arrival of bills across the country.

However, the Mirror is warning consumers not to get into debt to their utilities suppliers or personal finance providers, as they could end up blacklisted and have later difficulty in managing to clear debt.

“You don’t need the post to pay most bills – you should find alternative methods on the back of an old bill,” the publication explains.

Avoiding missed payments could help to avoid a build-up of credit card debt and hence the need for later debt management.

Furthermore, the paper states that reducing debt is important if consumers wish to become debt free: “Don’t just make the minimum payment on credit cards or you could pay horrific amounts of interest without clearing your debt.”

While managers’ union Unite has reached agreement with Royal Mail of pensions provision, the BBC reports, the Communication Workers Union remains on strike and is set to return to picket lines today.


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