Don’t go the way of a Wag

Coleen McLoughlin, fiancee of England player Wayne Rooney, told girls to “get a grip” with debt and spending before it gets too much.

“Don’t try to shop and party like a footballer’s wife,” said the 20-year-old in the Mirror.
“I don’t think it makes sense to want to be like a footballer’s wife. They are usually lucky enough to be able to spend an awful lot.”

Her comments follow warnings last week from accountants Wilkins Kennedy who said that young women were spending more than they earned and getting into debt trying to emulate Wags.

At current rates of spending, the accountants fear that women will account for half of all bankruptcy cases by 2010.

Yet women need not overspend to look good, with Coleen sharing her wisdom: “You can look amazing on a budget.”


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