Drivers in debt ‘could benefit from eco-friendly savings’

Debt-ridden drivers looking to save on vehicle costs may be encouraged to buy green cars to help them save, one comparison site has suggested.

A recent survey by found that 39 per cent of automobile owners would like to buy hybrid or electric cars if they were to invest in a new vehicle.

Head of motor insurance at Steve Sweeney said that while insurance costs are similar when compared to standard cars, drivers could cut spending elsewhere.

He said: “Driving a car such as the Honda Insight Hybrid would only pay £35 in road tax per year due to its low emissions.”

The electric car G-Wizz does not qualify for tax because it does not emit CO2, whereas a petrol-powered car costs around £120 annually, he added.

In related news, the National Caravan Council announced that caravan enthusiasts have a much higher awareness of green issues than others in the general public.

By Francis Finch


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