Drivers given money-saving advice

Vehicle owners should keep their cars carefully maintained to prevent expensive problems arising, one expert has claimed.

Alex Wells, press officer at the Retail Motor Industry Federation implied that ignoring a small problem on an automobile could end up costing the owner much more in the long run.

He remarked: “It’s always best to make sure your car is properly maintained at all times and make sure that it undergoes regular servicing.”

Those who are unsure as to how they should approach the situation should look to get advice and assistance from garages that are members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, Mr Wells added.

Drivers will be able to access the knowledge they need without it “costing them too much”, he stated.

This comes after Peter Staddon of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association advised car owners not to just look at the price when considering getting insurance, despite difficult economic conditions.

Instead, individuals should look at what gives them the most comprehensive cover.

By Francis Finch


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