DWP targets childhood poverty

With debt management problems continuing to rise nationwide, the DWP is keen to see increased support for parents looking to secure a working wage to support their children.

In all, a full £150 million is to be diverted to aid efforts designed to assist those looking for a job and who currently find themselves and their families facing poverty, the DWP has revealed.

Secretary of state for work and pensions John Hutton remarked: “We have made considerable progress against our historic goal to end child poverty in the UK, with 600,000 children helped out of poverty since 1997.”

“But we need to go further towards what is a very tough goal to reach,” he added.

Charitable organisation Citizens Advice raised fears recently that the chancellor Gordon Brown’s child and working tax reforms would not help thousands of people facing debt management concerns as a result of reclaimed tax credit overpayments.


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