Energy bills a “cause for concern” in cold snap

The UK’s recent cold snap could add to the money worries of many households, as research has shown energy bills are likely to rise significantly.

According to, increased energy consumption in the last three weeks could mean overall bills for the year increase by ten per cent.

Such a change may add to the debt problems already being faced by British consumers and utilities manager at the site Scott Byrom noted that the estimate is a conservative one.

And with snow forecast for some parts of the UK this week, he added: “There may be further cause for concern for anyone who has not got the means to pay such an expensive bill at the worst time of the year.”

Last week, the Institute for Public Policy Research called on the government to review its fuel poverty policy, as 36,000 Britons were found to have passed away last year as a result of being unable to afford increases in fuel costs.

By Andy Mackay


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