Energy debts hit 6.8m Brits

As many as 6.8 million British consumers are believed to be in debt to their utility supplier, it has been revealed.

Figures compiled by have shown that the average amount owed to energy firms is around £114 and the scale of the related debt management problems are expected to increase.

The industry watchdog Ofgem has indicated that there are some two million Britons on a debt repayment scheme aiming to clear their energy arrears and is convinced that this figure represent the “tip of the iceberg”.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at the price comparison firm, said: “This issue has to be tackled now before it snowballs further.”

“If you are near or already in the red and can afford to increase your payments, contact your supplier,” she added.

Citizens Advice recently launched a book called A Guide to Your Rights, which it hopes will help British consumers to clear debt and understand what they are entitled to expect from various service providers.


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