Energy debts ‘up a third in three years’

However, reflecting on a newly released Ofgem report on the issue, price comparison firm claims that the figures do not reveal the complete picture because only those consumers on an official debt repayment plan are counted within the data.

And with at least two million Britons facing energy-related debt management problems, advises consumers to get the best deal they can from their suppliers and to claim the relevant benefits they are entitled to.

Commenting on the issue Ann Robinson, consumer policy director at, said: “There is an alarming propensity for energy providers to push customers in debt onto prepayment meters – this is a cop-out.”

“It is often their own poor billing and debt management practices that force consumers into debt in the first place,” she added.

The average household debt management burden in the UK, excluding mortgage arrears, amounts to more than £8,800, according to figures from Credit Action.


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