Energy-efficiency skills ‘lacking’ among younger generation

The younger generation is lagging behind the over 55s when it comes to reducing their monthly bills by being more energy-efficient, new research has revealed.

Opus Energy consulted 500 consumers regarding the energy-saving steps they take and found that older people are more likely to take steps to cut their gas and electricity spending, with 43 per cent stating they switch off phone chargers when not in use, compared to 13 per cent of under 25s.

And even though 66 per cent of young Britons stated they have switched to energy-saving light bulbs, this figure was dwarfed by the 88 per cent of over 55s who have done so.

“It’s clear that … our older generations are more adept at taking steps to save on their energy usage to cut their bills,” director of Opus Energy Louise Boland explained.

Young people looking to boost their financial situation as part of a debt management plan may wish to become more energy-efficient.

Price comparison firm recently claimed that a fall in energy prices would have little effect on household bills.

By Tom Musk


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