Energy providers slammed over ‘back-charging’

Many households could be plunged further into the debt management mire when their pre-payment metre is assessed in line with increased pricing criteria of which they were unaware, Citizens Advice has suggested.

Energywatch is also concerned by the recent failure of a number of electricity companies to adjust such meters promptly after pricing hikes and the UK gas and electricity watchdog names npower, Powergen and Scottish Power as being among those responsible.

“We urge the three suppliers whose policies are pushing some of the most vulnerable members of society into debt to follow the good practice of the other suppliers and act responsibly towards their customers,” said Teresa Pritchard, director of policy for Citizens Advice.

Earlier this month, Citizens Advice criticised the proposed closure of 2,500 post offices nationwide, claiming the plans would push many Brits on benefits further into debt management trouble.


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