Energy suppliers ‘must cut prices’ to help people with debt

A consumer body has called upon energy suppliers to cut prices in light of falling oil costs.

Consumer Focus has challenged firms to make the move after official figures showed that gas and electricity prices are driving up inflation.

Chief executive Ed Mayo demanded “immediate action” from energy organisations and regulator Ofgem in order to offer fuel debt help to struggling households.

“Oil prices have been falling since July, yet consumers have seen unprecedented rises in their gas and electricity costs. Consumers must now be wondering why they are left waiting,” he remarked.

He added that this would be good for consumers and the economy as a whole.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that electricity prices rose to 30.3 per cent in September, up from 18 per cent in August.

In addition, gas rose from 27.7 per cent to 49.9 per cent over the same period.

Rising expense for clothing, footwear and recreation also contributed to the upward effect on inflation.

By Jamie Price


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