Expert outlines symptoms of “debt denial”

Billy is keeping his debt management difficulties a secret from his on-screen wife Honey and hiding final bill demands as his financial problems spiral out of control, which is all very familiar behaviour to Debtmatters’ expert Michael Shirley.

Mr Shirely explained to the Sun that with thousands of people around the UK looking for debt advice with his company each month, he is often in contact with consumers who are struggling to face up to the reality of their own situation.

“Billy is obviously under increasing financial pressures and a lot of people in this situation find it difficult to be honest with a partner and admit their problems with debt,” he told the newspaper.

“While personal debt problems are evermore commonplace, admitting to having a problem and seeking help is often still the biggest hurdle.”

Figures from the Credit Action charity put Britain’s overall personal debt levels at over £1,310 billion earlier this year.


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