Families ‘cannot afford basic healthcare’

A large amount of families cannot afford everyday healthcare needs because of the spiralling cost of living, a new study has suggested.

The survey from Engage Mutual found that 60 per cent of respondents are unable to pay for products to help their family’s wellbeing.

Over a third (43 per cent) said they could not afford regular dental check ups and the same proportion claimed they did not have enough money for new glasses.

In addition, 20 per cent struggled to meet the expense of prescription charges and 23 per cent did not have the funds for daily supplements or vitamins.

Spokesperson Karl Elliott remarked: “With the cost of living on the rise, our research shows a shocking number of people struggling to pay for some quite basic family healthcare necessities.”

He added that good debt management could help to alleviate the situation.

Medical insurers Bupa recently claimed that employers should take more responsibility for employee health.

By Jamie Price


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