Families failing to cope with childcare costs

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) survey reveals that nearly five million parents need financial assistance for childcare, without which they risk being stuck in a debt cycle as they cannot afford to return to work.

“Further investment in affordable childcare is essential if the government’s targets to end child poverty and further increase the number of lone parents in employment are to be met,” commented Kate Green, chief executive of children’s charity Child Poverty Action Group.

Childcare costs around £142 per week, but can allow parents, particularly single ones, to return to work or go into training to boost their economic status.

Support comes through the Working Tax Credit but the IPPR believes it should be transferred to Child Tax Credit to make it easier to claim.

Without such action, the IPPR believes that many new parents will not be able to return to work, keeping many in a debt trap.


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