Farepak customers facing serious debt hangover

Thousands of Farepak customers, who were left out of pocket when the Christmas savings group collapsed 12 months ago, are facing serious financial difficulties, it has been claimed.

Research by Unison and Kings College London found that as many as 122,000 people have found themselves unable to become debt free after they lost money when Farepak ceased trading.

Many of those impacted by the situation live on low-incomes and are struggling to cope with the financial fall out of what took place last year, according to the recent study.

Unison general secretary, Dave Prentis, commented: “Many thousands of low paid workers, including many Unison members, lost money and faced a bleak Christmas as a result of the despicable behaviour of the companies involved.”

“Companies should not be allowed to get away with this sort of daylight robbery and their directors should not be allowed to remain immune from the harm they have caused.”

The UK’s payment association Apacs recently predicted that British consumer will spend close to £53 billion over the course of next month.


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