Fight against fuel poverty “derailed”

Price hikes from energy companies have “derailed” the government’s fight against fuel poverty, it has been argued.

Jonathon Stearn, a campaigner for Consumer Focus, claimed that ministers have fallen short on targets due to three factors, which he outlined as “prices, income and energy efficiency”.

“It’s essential for energy efficiency to be seen as the key way to tackle fuel poverty,” he remarked, adding that this can help people to avoid making a “harsh choice between food and fuel”.

Boosting the efficiency of all houses to modern standards would make homes “fuel poverty proof”, Mr Stearn stated.

He went on to say that it could cut fuel costs by 70 per cent, something that may help people cope with their debt management.

It comes following a survey from Saga Savings that revealed 31 per cent of Britons are concerned that they will not be able to afford future domestic bills.

By Jamie Price


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