Finance plays a ‘major role’ in relationships

Financial issues play a major role in the success or failure of many relationships in 21st century Britain, according to one expert analyst.

Corinne Sweet, who has written extensively on how money impacts on relationships, is convinced that finances are “incredibly important” when it comes to domestic compatibility.

“It’s the thing that people feel is the hardest thing to get right in their relationship,” said Ms Sweet.

“People would rather talk about sex than talk about money,” she added.

The author’s comments come soon after a report from the Christians Against Poverty group suggested that many thousands of relationships have been ended in the UK as a result of debt management problems.

Additionally, Ms Sweet supported her assertions by citing a study by the counseling group Relate that found 44 per cent of British couples argue about money.

Meanwhile, more than 15 million UK consumers are in denial about the state of their own finances, according to research carried out recently by


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