Finance worries ’cause holiday delays’

A number of families in the UK are delaying booking their summer holidays because of concerns over their finances and debt management, a new report has suggested.

Approximately 36 per cent of people who have not booked yet told Tesco Personal Finance that whether they go away at all depends on being able to find a good bargain or their current money situation.

“In the current climate, the luxury of booking a summer holiday has not been a priority for many parents,” commented a spokesperson for Tesco Travel Money. “In particular, booking in advance is not a possibility.”

The research also revealed that one in three families have arranged holidays at the last minute over the last three years, with many doing so because they were targeting a cheaper price.

Just under half (47 per cent) of those planning to buy late believe the strategy will land them a better deal.

On The Beach’s Alistair Daly commented recently that trips to Europe could prove less expensive than staying in the UK, due to the availability of generally cheaper activities, drinks and food.

By Chris Trimble


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